Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis - Lofoten

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Have you ever been outdoors on a cold winter night? In that case you may have witnessed one of the most magnificent phenomena that nature has to offer: the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, as seen in the northern hemisphere. The Northern Lights are seen on dark clear nights from September to April.

Here in Lofoten we live beneath the Auroral Oval. This is a belt of light that encircles the geomagnetic poles, beneath which you have the best chance of seeing the colourful, flickering Northern Lights. They will often start low in the northern sky, moving higher up as the evening progresses.

Another good reason to come to the Lofoten Islands to view the Northern Lights is the temperature here, which is not too low due to the temperate Gulf Stream. If you want to take pictures of the auroras, your camera and batteries are better off when it is not too cold and when there is less snow.


Lofoten Sjøhus are located in the heart of Lofoten, our cabins holds a high standard and will be a great basecamp for spotting the Northern Lights. To help you out we have found some good locations free of light pollution. Shooting in dark areas will provide the best results, most vivid colors and detail. The pins on the map correspond with the picture gallery below, so you easily can navigate around in Lofoten. Click the pins to get to get the number of the location.

Thanks to Robert Selfors for providing pictures and locations!

Good luck and happy hunting!